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Purchase Your Trail Permit Online Here •  OR  • Download the Permit Application pdf Here
• Permits can be purchase in person at the Inlet Information Office (see their location & hours here) OR at the Town of Webb Visitor Center (see their location & hours here)
• Preseason Permit $65 until November 15 – Seasonal Permit $80 – Weekly Permit $45, good for seven consecutive days from the date of purchase, must be purchased in person – Seasonal Weekday Permit $50, good for the whole season, only valid from 5 pm Sunday until 5 pm Friday.
• Trail Conditions Reports can be found in the newsfeed on the Recent Posts page  • SNOFEST Deal starts the Thursday before Snofest

NY Snowmobile Trails & Trip Planner

Welcome to the Inlet Trail System and the Moose River Recreation Area…

Explore the many miles of snowmobile trails in the Inlet area that lead through some of the most pristine scenery that New York has to offer.  Inlet is the gateway to the Moose River Recreation Area, a 34-mile corridor of state-owned land that is groomed each day and connects with trails in Indian Lake.  It is referred to as a snowmobile highway.

A joint permit trail system with the Town of Webb allows for professional grooming, making easy travel from Inlet to Eagle Bay, Big Moose, Stillwater, Old Forge, Thendara, Beaver River, Raquette Lake and McKeever.

The Town of Inlet/Webb system winds through forests, around lakes and climbs along mountains on well-marked and groomed trails.  All of our accommodations, restaurants and services are easy to reach right on our trail system.

NYS requires any out-of-state snowmobile to carry a NYS registration and insurance.

A DMV Office is now available in Town of Webb: Wednesday-Friday 9:00am-12:00pm & 1:00-4:00pm.  The office will also be open on occasional Saturdays over holiday weekends.

Phone: 315-369-3301  Fax: 315-369-9936  Mail: PO Box 1128, Old Forge, NY  13420

For further information visit: NY State Division of Motor Vehicles

The Inlet-Old Forge trail system requires a trail permit.

The funds from permit sales are used for trail grooming and maintenance.
• Purchase Your Trail Permit Online or Download the Permit Application pdf via the links at the top of this page •
Free parking is available at the Inlet Town Hall, Route 28 and at the Inlet Transfer Station, Limekiln Road.

Midweek rides are best if you can get away to join us!

Ride with the Inlet Barnstormers Snowmobile Club every Tuesday and Wednesday (weather permitting).
The group leaves at 10:00am from the Gravel Pit at the intersection of Rondaxe Road and Trail 5.

Why the Towns of Webb & Inlet are not Snowmobile Clubs

As a provider of some of the best snowmobile trails in the east, we are in a unique situation here in the Old Forge/Inlet area.  We have the only trails in New York State that are owned and maintained by a municipality, and our reputation as the best is because we hire groomers who work 24 hours a day to keep the trails smooth when the weather cooperates.  The Towns of Webb & Inlet have considered forming a club and charging a small dues amount of $5, which in turn would have been forwarded to the New York State Snowmobile Association as per that organization’s requirement of all recognized clubs.  This small dues amount would have helped to offset the cost of the increased New York State snowmobile registration fees, essentially saying that the extra $5 would save $55 per snowmobile.

However, NYSSA has changed the minimum dues for all clubs to $25 per member, which is the amount that the two clubs adjacent to our trail system charge for their annual dues.  So the Towns of Webb & Inlet could not make it any cheaper for a snowmobiler to obtain the NYS registration by forming a club and decided instead to support the two local clubs, the Inlet Barnstormers and the Trackside Blazers in Forestport, whose trails are adjacent to our trail system.

Also, our trail system does not qualify for any of the reimbursement from the New York State Snowmobile Trail Fund.

We hope the above information helps you understand why we must charge for our trail system to offset the hundreds of thousands of dollars the Towns of Webb & Inlet spend each year to groom and maintain our trails. Thank you for riding with us!

SAVE $55 on your New York State registration by joing a club

Inlet Barnstormers Snowmobile Club
PO Box 144 • Inlet, NY  13360
(315) 357-6330 •

New York State Snowmobile Trails Interactive Map & Trip Planner

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