Arrowhead Park

on January 1st, 2010
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Arrowhead Park
Site of the former Arrowhead Hotel, this lakefront park in downtown Inlet is situated at the head Fourth Lake and bordered by the Inlet Channel. Arrowhead Park offers a sandy beach with swimming and lifeguards, picnic facilities, a playground, tennis courts, ball field, public restrooms, boardwalk and hourly boat parking. Arts in the Park, the Summer Concert Series, the Syracuse Symphony, Young at Heart Seniors and Inlet Youth Commission recreation are just a few of the numerous events and activities to be found at Arrowhead Park.
PO Box 266
Inlet, NY 13360

Town of Inlet Arrowhead Park Rules of the Beach


  • No swimming when beach is closed.
  • Do not place chairs, benches or umbrellas blocking lifeguard station’s view of the waterline.
  • No running on the docks.
  • No front flips, back flips or diving from any dock.
  • Use the ladders on the docks.
  • Do not pull on buoy lines.
  • No swimming underneath docks.
  • No riding on other people’s shoulders.
  • No horseplay, tackling, dunking, etc.
  • No throwing rocks, sand, wood, etc.
  • Use balls and frisbees with respect of others on the beach.
  • No inflatables.
  • Swimmers must stay within the buoy lines.
  • No sitting in Lifeguard chairs.
  • No whistles.
  • No feeding/chasing ducks or other wildlife.
  • No dogs on beach area or in swim area between the buoy markers.
  • No glass on beach area.
  • No alcohol or tobacco.
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

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