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Snow & Trail Report – March 14, 2013

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

We have received 2-4 inches of snow in the past 24 hours.  Not enough for the groomers to go out, but everything is white again and it is still snowing.

The ski trails at the Inlet Golf Course might be worth a try.  The trails at Fern Park might not be too bad, but are sure to have some wet spots.

The ice skating rink is still closed, and probably will be closed for the rest of the season.  The sledding hill might be fun this afternoon.

Snow & Trail Report – March 12, 2013

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Unfortunately it is not looking good for winter activities today.  After a couple warmer days it started to rain last night and is still raining now.  While there is definitely still snow out there, getting to it will not be easy.  There will be no grooming of any kind today.  The ice skating rink is closed and the sledding hill is pretty wet.

The snowmobile season does not end until April 1 – another 19 days.  Anything can happen…

Oh, and you can still purchase your 2013/14 season permit at the preseason rate of $65 if you stop by the Inlet Information Office or the Town of Webb Visitor Center.

Some photos of the new trail

Saturday, March 9th, 2013

Click here to see the ribbon cutting ceremony and some photos taken along the trail between Moose River Recreation Area and Eighth Lake Campground.

Snow & Trail Report – March 5, 2013

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Snowmobile trails are still in pretty good shape.  Groomers were out yesterday and one will be out tonight as things cool down again to flatten them up.  Groomers will be out again tomorrow.

Ski groomers were out today and say all trails are in good to excellent condition. All of Fern Park groomed as well as Ralph’s Run, Cliff View, South Loop and Limekiln Road Connector was groomed on Sunday.  The Inlet Golf Course and Limekiln Campground were groomed on Monday.

Ice skating rink is open and looks good and so does the sledding hill.

Forecast shows a high of 35-36 tomorrow, 30 on Thursday, 30-31 on Friday, 37 on Saturday, 35-36 on Sunday with snow on Thursday , Friday & Sunday.  Looks like it will be a great weekend for Snofest!

Snow & Trail Report – March 2, 2013

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

We got about an inch of new snow overnight and it is still trying to snow now with not much accumulation.  Temperature is just coming up to 20 degrees for lunch.

The snowmobile groomers are out.  I can hear them talking to each other on the scanner, but I am not sure where they are today.

The ski groomer is hitting the golf course right now, and will swing through Fern Park before calling it a day.  Trails are still in good condition.

THe ice skating rink is back open, but is still a little wet in spots.  Sledding hill looks great!

Snow & Trail Report – February 28, 2013

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Well, we did not get the 6-8 inches they were predicting for Tuesday night into Wednesday.  BUT, it did NOT rain all day here either!  There was a little bit of freezing rain in the morning, and the rest of the day stayed in the mid 30’s with not much falling from the sky until the evening.  Overnight we got about an inch & a half of heavy snow.

Snowmobile groomers moved snow around yesterday and then were out on the trails as it started getting dark to firm things up overnight.  There was at least one groomer out this morning packing down the new snow while the temperature was still cold.  Currently it is 32 and holding.

Last report from the ski groomers was on Monday when they reported 6-8 inches of hard pack and everything in excellent condition.  That morning they bumped into skiers on the trail sating “It’s great! Not sticky with or without wax.”  They had even been in to Limekiln Campground and groomed from Limekiln Road to the site #181-#220 loop and around.  Groomers were not out Wednesday.

Ice skating rink is closed with a layer of water on top, but should be back open by Saturday.  And the sledding hill is slick!

Snow & Trail Report – February 22, 2013

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Snowmobile groomers are out on the local trails and in the Moose River Plains.  There is a nice base for them to work with.  Traffic is pretty steady and there will probably be a lot of riders out there this weekend, so please stay to the right and watch out for others.

Ski groomers are working on Fern Park again today which they say is in good to excellent condition. They will be trying to hit the connector trails this afternoon.  They are also saying that the Inlet Golf Course is in good to excellent condition.

Ice skating rink is open and the sledding hill looks great!

Trail and Snow Report – January 11, 2013

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Snowmobile groomers were out in Inlet today.  One groomer out in the Plains today and will be out again tomorrow.  The groomer on the local trails was out early, then came in as it warmed up and the trail became soft.  He will go out again tonight after the temperature drops.  Depending on traffic, the local groomer may do the same tomorrow (out early, then back again late).

Cross-country ski trails are in great shape, for now.  Trails on the Inlet Golf Course are still in excellent condition.  All trails have been groomed at Fern Park and are in good condition.  The groomer will probably stay off the trails tomorrow.

Ice skating rink still has 3 1/2″ of ice and is in good shape.  Sledding hill also still looks good.

We did get a little bit of freezing rain this afternoon, but it did not last too long and did not come down hard at all.  Looks like we might get some more precipitation overnight, but the temperature is currently 31 outside my window.  If it stays cold….

Snowmobile Trail Conditions – March 15

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Snowmobile Trails conditions are poor to fair.  The sun and rain has bared up most of the connector trails making it difficult to get to those inner trails where the riding is still fair.

Come ride while we have snow!

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Watch this video by of his ride from Indian Lake to Old Forge on January 30, 2012: Indian Lake to Old Forge

Read’s trail report here: Trail Report January 30, 2012 Night

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